Bandcamp Music Player

Bandcamp helps artists sell their music and merchandise directly to their fans.  There are a number of similiar offerings but their are compelling reasons why Bandcamp stands out above the rest is.  Here’s the summary. Read more

Social Media Stats for Musicians/Bands

Ever wondered how each of your social profiles is performing?  How many Facebook Fans,  Twitter followers, Youtube plays,  Last FM or Reverbnation profile views did you have in the last few weeks?  Enter Next Big Sound, which allows you to quickly add social media profiles, and have it graph various metrics in an instant. Read more

WG Fitness – Wayne Geber

“To say I’m happy with their work would be an understatement”

Florence Road did my website a couple of years ago and to say I’m happy with his work would be an understatement. They did a great job and really embraced what I asked. They also listened to the couple of ideas I had and turned them to life on my webpage.

They are always literally been a phone call away for any updating I’ve needed done on the site over the years.

Ian Lilburne – Musician

Cathy Prastides – Actor

Cathy had a very clear direction for what she wanted on her website, and how she wanted it laid out.  As a result we were able to turn the site around in just a few days.  Featuring a full width banner, which Cathy can modify herself, social media plugins in the right hand nav, and a customisable homepage. The site is clean and stylish, and can be fully managed by Cathy.

Testimonial from Cathy:

“Thank you Dave for setting up my website so efficiently. I appreciate your fast turn-around, speedy replies, good value for money and friendly, helpful service. You have been a pleasure to work with.” – Cathy Prastides