Phone Apps vs Mobile Websites

Phone apps vs mobile website?  This one is sure to start a debate.  It’s no secret that smart phones and apps have changed our lives, with more users navigating the web for information.  As a good marketer you’ve probably already pondered how to best get involved, with an App or a Mobile Optimised Website.  Whilst it might seem the app is the best way forward, for small businesses and entertainers, let’s explore why a mobile optimised site but be more beneficial to you right now.  Read more

Media Friendly – Rachel Friend

David has given my website the makeover it deserved transforming what was a very dull and flat site into something I’m now really proud of.

I have to commend him not just on his creativity but also his patience as a teacher.  He has helped me navigate my way around the site so that I’m now confident about adding and changing content on my own.  I’m telling all my colleagues and friends to use Florence Road.

JQuery Count Down Timer

We’ve just deployed our very first countdown timer on the Port Fairy Folk Festival Website.  Many thanks to Keith Wood for posting such a brilliant tutorial.  For those technical and willing to give it a shot head over to Keith’s website. His tutorial is one of the easiest to follow that we came across.