Quick Tip Video – Changing Windows 7 Desktop Icons

My Windows 7 desktop was seriously uncool, compared to my tablet and phone, so I thought I’d share you can easily edit your Windows 7 icons to make them look more like a tablet interface.   It’s not just about making them look cool, it helps you be more productive, as you’re already used to switching back to home screens to open new windows!

Helping Mum and Dad learn online

If you are like me, you’ve probably started getting the invetiable ‘how do I’ questions from your folks.  I’ve put together some top tips and a great website to help get your folks off your back.  Read more

Adding a product to Woo Commerce

WP Engine vs Crazy Domains Speed Test

Florence Road used to host all client websites with Crazy Domains, but in the recent months it’s been shockingly slow and regularly down.  We also found that many sites were getting hacked, and we were spending unpaid weekends fixing our clients websites.  So we decided to move everything to WP Engine. Read more

Global Social Media Check-Up 2012

I recently stumbled on this presentation, and as someone who has worked corporately for one of the ‘most mentioned brands in social media in 2012’ I think back to when social media was ‘something we should think about’ vs now it’s ‘something that must be done’. Read more