Facebook tabs don’t work on a mobile – here’s a fix

Facebook tabs don’t work on a mobile.  This is a known issue, but by adding some parameters to the URL  you can force the Facebook iframe tab to load as though it’s in desktop mode. Read more

Finding Relevance

There’s so much information out there, it’s often hard to filter out all the noise and find relevance.  As I sat around the breakfast table this morning talking to some friends, I rattled off a few tools and apps that I use, which help me find articles that is personalised to my taste.   Read more

How to Upload Videos from iPhone to Youtube

Can you use the WordPress iPhone app to upload a video, or is there another way to upload video’s direct from your phone and get them onto your self hosted website? Here’s how. Read more

My Favourite iPhone Apps: Remote

mzi_ewscemrnAside from being passionate about all things digital and web, I’m a muso, and as such I love my music library.  I suppose as I muso I also have my reservations about using iTunes (poor quality, soulless shuffling) but I’ll overlook that for this app. Read more