Design Inspiration – Jason Mraz and Taylor

This is the first in a series of posts where we are going to look at some cool websites to draw some inspiration.  Our roots are in music so why not start with a musical inspired site from Taylor and Jason Mraz.

Why we love it:

The fold is dead!

Everyone used to talk in terms of ‘the fold’ meaning when you read the site online, the content you read above the fold is we you see without scolling.  But with tables these days, people have learnt to scroll more frequently on websites.  The fold is dead, the click is the new fold.

Colour Usage

It’s industrial with the grey which represents makesmanship, but it’s also simple black text with wood tinges.  Guitars are made from wood…good figure.

Block Styles

All the content is laid out in nice blocks.  There is no column consistency, with each block ranging from 4 column to a single column, but order is maintained thanks to minimised text, consistent imagery and lots of clean space.

Image treatment

The majority of images have a 3/4 circle effect.  This consistency of application makes it an artwork in itself, but it also helps me process the clumps of information on the page.

However most important is the image quality.  We don’t see faded white, pixaleted, stretched anything.  These are quite obviously professional images with identical tone and balance.

Bloody lovely if you ask me.