SEO Explained – What are backlinks?

SEO is a mysterious beast, and in an effort to simplify the key elements of SEO we’ll be posting a series of posts on the basics of organic search.  We don’t pretend to be SEO experts, so these posts are a combination of our experience, research and common sense.   Let’s start with backlinks, what they are, and whether you should employee a backlink strategy to improve your rank. Read more

Speed Kills: How Load Times Affects Google Rankings

I don’t know about you but if a website loads painfully slowly I’m out of there.  And to make matters worse I’ll probably never visit that site again.  It’s not just your users who will punish you for a slow loading websites, Google will punish you by lowering your search rankings.  Yes, that’s right.  Google uses page load times in their search rankings. Read more

Does blogging help search? It’s simple with a wordpress website.

Google loves new relevant content, as such we always recommend to clients that they write a few blog posts to help them improve their search ranking.  But does blogging actually help search and is it difficult to blog with a wordpress website?  Read more

Google + Local Replaces Google Places

Google Places is extinct and is now replaced by Google + Local.  So what’s changed?   Why do businesses have two pages? Why should you even care? Read more

Google Places – Why it matters

It’s 7:48am in Melbourne, and it’s freezing cold.  I have a 9:00am meeting, and figured the best thing to do was to beat traffic, get in early, and find a local cafe.   I’m meeting Google for my 12.30pm meeting today, but my day has already been heavily influenced by Google already.  
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Google To Include Concert Listings in Search

I was interested to read over the weekend that Google is looking to include concert listings when a user searches for a band.  The update shows concert dates at nearby venues and links to sites offering tickets for sale for bands and artists.  Read more

Google Updates SEO Algorithm

This video is the best explanation of the recent changes Google has made to their search algorithm that I’ve come across. SEO is such a mis-understood area, and in the past has been plagued by industry sharks. Watch the video, and get posting relevant content to your websites! Read more

Linked In Ads

LinkedInPay per click is the new king of relevant advertising, and Linked In provides one of the most targeted advertising capabilities in the market.  Not only can you filter on country, and state, but company size, industry, and wait for it…even a SPECIFIC company!  Let’s take a look.

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Searching within a site

GoogleThe search options for some sites is pretty lame, which sucks when your looking within a big site.

Did you know you can use Google to search within the site?

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Narrowing your search

Google192 Million results might sound like too many.  Have you tried narrowing down your search results by using inverted commas?

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