Twitter Analysis – Sentiment Split on Schwab sacking

I read with interest this morning the article by Caroline Wilson suggesting that Melbourne CEO Cameron Schwab was sacked because the club supporters were divided about his role within the club.   I wondered how Melbourne Football Club came to this conclusion.  Was it old fashioned letters, phone calls, emails and text messages, or did they utilise the power of social media to determine his popularity? Read more


Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts with Hootsuite – The Basics

In this video I cover how you can use Hootsuite to manage multiple social media accounts, which will save you heaps of time!  Hootsuite is free for the basic accounts.  I’ll show you how quickly you can sign up, and connect your accounts.

What an engagement taught me about Twitter

Twitter, like other social networks before it, seems to be turning into a popularity contest.  It seems to be about how many followers you can get and how quickly.  The more followers you have the more influential you are right?  I’m off that idea. Read more

Global Social Media Check-Up 2012

I recently stumbled on this presentation, and as someone who has worked corporately for one of the ‘most mentioned brands in social media in 2012’ I think back to when social media was ‘something we should think about’ vs now it’s ‘something that must be done’. Read more

Google + Local Replaces Google Places

Google Places is extinct and is now replaced by Google + Local.  So what’s changed?   Why do businesses have two pages? Why should you even care? Read more

Finding Relevance

There’s so much information out there, it’s often hard to filter out all the noise and find relevance.  As I sat around the breakfast table this morning talking to some friends, I rattled off a few tools and apps that I use, which help me find articles that is personalised to my taste.   Read more

Social is Simple

So Google is launching Google + and you’re probably thinking…how on earth do I keep up with all this? Oh don’t worry, I feel the pressure to keep up, especially when everyone is asking  ‘Dave how do I use Google + with my website!’   Short answer, is no idea, because I haven’t got an invite yet. I’m not as cool as I once was. Read more

Twitter – Follow Button

Twitter recently launched a follow button which can be embedded in your website.  Unlike the previous buttons, you don’t have to link back to Twitter to process the follow anymore, if you’re already logged in, it will add the website/person as a follower straight away!  Read more

Linked In Ads

LinkedInPay per click is the new king of relevant advertising, and Linked In provides one of the most targeted advertising capabilities in the market.  Not only can you filter on country, and state, but company size, industry, and wait for it…even a SPECIFIC company!  Let’s take a look.

Read more

To Tweet or Not To Tweet

tweetBy now you’ve well and truely heard about Twitter, and you’ve probably asked yourself this question, should we Tweet or not?  Let’s discuss what it means to Tweet, how long it typically takes, and what you can expect from it.

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