The Musicians Digital Suitcase

“The Musicians Digital Suitcase” $9.95

Your a muso not a marketer, and yet your spending countless hours trying to figure out:

– how to buy a domain name, hosting and set up a website
– What your website should look like?
– What social sites you should be on?
– What email newsletter software to use?
– What music e-tailer should you sell from?

This 19 page ebook will take you through almost everything saving you the time to focus on your music.


A Guide To Choosing A Digital Distributor

“A Guide To Choosing A Digital Distributor” – $4.95

iTunes doesn’t deal with independent musicians, and with 70% of the digital market, musicians can’t afford not to have their music on iTunes. This eBook covers the top 5 digital distributors, specifically focusing on the big two Tune Core and CD Baby, helping you understand which digital distributor is right for you.

Actual figures are presented, including royalties paid to you and annual service fee’s.

“Fantastic overview…saved me hours of research” Kent Eastwood, Independent Singer/songwriter”