Embed Facebook Photo Albums In WordPress

I’ve just  tested a fantastic plugin which enables you to embed your Facebook photo album’s into any post or page in WordPress.  This is HUGE news for time people, who run a fan page and need to post to multiple locations. 

The plugin is called ‘Embed Facebook‘ and is available as a direct install from the plugin directory.  Whilst it worked nicely, I did have to tweak some of the style sheets to get it to look nice, including reducing some fonts, and resizing the default thumbnail to 100 x 100px.

My normal preference when it comes to photo’s,  is to post to Flickr or Picasa first, then pull the photo’s into WordPress (using a  Flickr gallery or Picasa plugin).  From here I’d either

  • upload them to facebook if I can be bothered, or
  • just share the link on Facebook back to the images on WordPress.

This new plugin takes an extra step out of the process of uploading images.

  • Simply upload your photo’s to Facebook and put them in an album as normal.
  • Cut and paste the URL of the album from Facebook into a WordPress Post or Page.


The plugin lets you post more than just images, such as events, video’s, notes, however I’ve found that the other options don’t quite match up to alternative methods. For instance you can post  events, however it doesn’t list it as nicely as Gigspress.

The other big advantage of Facebook embed vs the Flickr Gallery option is the speed at which the images load once you’ve clicked the pop-up.   This method seems to work a lot quicker, which maybe due to the size of the original files.

Here’s some shots of a recent site I built for songwriter Abbe May with the plugin installed.

If any of my clients are interested in switching to this plugin and would like me to customise please get in touch.