Facebook Timelines for Fan Pages, Businesses and Brands

Well it’s finally landed.  Having rolled out Facebook timelines for the general public, we’ve all been wondering when Facebook Timeline would roll out to fan pages.  Well it’s today, and with it brings some game changing news. For those that administer their Facebook Fan Page or Business Page, when you visit your page, you will now be greeted with the opportunity to preview what your timeline would look like.  You can then edit it ready for launch to public, or you can do what I always do which is just jump in with both feet.

All pages will convert to brand timelines by March 30th.  This has some major implications for some of the nifty work we did in the past.  I’ve always been vocal about investing in your website first, and then Facebook. It’s these sort of changes that reaffirms my belief.

So let’s take a look under the bonnet:

Cover Photo

Just like profiles, brands will now have a cover photo.  This is similar to the banner you’d place on top of your website.  It’s a chance to communicate who you are, and what you do, as it’s the most prominent piece.  I’d love to see the ability to scroll through a few different banners, but time will tell.  Personally I like this move.

Smaller Profile Avatar

In the past you could put a tall picture as your profile pic, and then make a smaller version for your thumbnail.  Sorry not anymore. All you can really fit in there is a logo, or maybe a small avatar.  It’s not a big deal considering the new banner.

Tabs are gone

Crap that’s right, the tabs are gone and with is the wonderful welcome tabs we used to make.  You’re gutted I know, but spare a thought for us.  We spent hours upon hours nutting out how to do it, and then spent hours implementing them all.  And just like that…poof…gone.   Now there is room for 12 apps with only 4 of them being showcased at the top of your page.   You can only view all of them by clicking ‘view all’.

The good news is that your tabs will be converted into apps so hopefully nothing more for us to do there.  The welcome tabs we did will no longer work so sadly we say farewell, hit delete.   The good new is the app pages are full width so more room for creative and content.

Pinned Posts

If you have an important post that you don’t want to get lost in the shuffle of new posts, you can ‘pin it’ to the top of your page.  If you post something new, this post will still remain at the top.  It’s a good way to maybe pin something about a new service offering, or album.


This allows your brand to tell a story about where you have come from.  I don’t know about you but I couldn’t give two hoots as to the history of most of the brands.  I only really want to know what they can do for me now.


The analytics are now front and centre at the top of the page for admins to view.  Nothing ground breaking there but I guess it’s always a good reminder to see how you are tracking.

So what do you think?

Take a look at our new Timeline www.facebook.com/florenceroad  Post your comments here, or post them there.