Google Places – Why it matters

It’s 7:48am in Melbourne, and it’s freezing cold.  I have a 9:00am meeting, and figured the best thing to do was to beat traffic, get in early, and find a local cafe.   I’m meeting Google for my 12.30pm meeting today, but my day has already been heavily influenced by Google already.  

Finding a cafe, in an area I know nothing about, is made much simpler with the help of Google Maps.  So I pull out my mobile, and type in coffee.

With my GPS active, it immediately picks up where I am, and I’m served with 5 little red flags on the map similar to this screen shot below.

My actual view on my phone has more flags than dots, but it helps visualise what I’m met with.

Right so I quickly thumb over each place nearby which doesn’t reveal a lot.  I notice none of the businesses have updated their Google Places page with images, videos, offers, opening hours or anything really.

But the main thing I did notice was the bad reviews.  Google allows people to review places, which are then featured on that business page.  The cafes here all have bad reviews, and I mean really bad, so I decide to pound the pavement and find  a place that isn’t listed.

With Google Places the majority of listings are served by the Yellow Pages, so most aren’t aware this system exists, and with reducing interest in Yellow Pages, some businesses simply don’t exist at all.

It’s an interesting dilemma.

1) Don’t put in a listing, and risk not being found.

2) Put in a listing, and neglect it and potentially turn customers away.

3) Or put your listing in and manage your listing.

I hope you’d select 3.


It’s easy to manage your Google Places page.  For $100 we’ll set it all up for you, put in your necessary business information, and optimise your page
(and your business listing on other sites) to help increase your rankings.

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