How to Tag People in Facebook

Facebook Icon Cool SquareYour all over Facebook right?  Did you know you can tag people in your status updates in the same way you tag people in your photo’s?  It’s very simple, but is often an overlooked time saving feature.

Say you are going to see a gig that night with a mate.  To add them in the status, just type the @ symbol and down will come all the people your connected to.  As you type their name in it will filter your search, in the same way it does when you search for someone in the top navigation.

Dave Anderson (3)

The great thing is it will automatically post to their wall also.  It’s an awesome feature for posting to fan pages as well.

An example from my music site

I posted on the Australian Open Fan page saying I had free tickets (at the time I didn’t know I could tag people!).  The Australian Open then did a status update, tagged my fan page in the update by typing in my name, included the link to my post (that I already shared with them) and boom it pulled through to my fan page, and to theirs.

See screen shot below. In so doing I ended up with 170 likes on Facebook in one day!

Dave Anderson (3)

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