Lead Capture and Restricting Content

How do you restrict content to only those that have logged in or registered?  WordPress comes with a restricted access feature however it has some major flaws.  I’ve found a number of plugins, both paid and unpaid,  however having played around with a number of them, there is one that works really well. But it would be silly of me to let you view this without registering wouldn’t it! 

Well if your reading this then you’ve obviously registered.

Was that process easy enough?

The plugin is called wp-members.  You can either set the plugin in so that all posts are hidden or all posts aren’t hidden, and you manually select which one’s to hide.

As you can see from above, the user can still view the content in the excerpt, so you can tempt them to download or register.  As you did.

It’s a great way to capture leads, or improve readership, but making your content exclusive.

If you’re keen on setting this up on your website let us know.