My Favourite iPhone Apps: Remote

mzi_ewscemrnAside from being passionate about all things digital and web, I’m a muso, and as such I love my music library.  I suppose as I muso I also have my reservations about using iTunes (poor quality, soulless shuffling) but I’ll overlook that for this app.

The Apple Remote application is free from the iTunes music store, and not surprisingly it works damn well with iTunes.  To get it to work you must have your iTunes and iPhone connected to the same wifi network, which for most is a no brainer.

Once you sync it up, which is childs play really, you can control your iTunes from your iPhone.  What I love about it, is the sleek interface, which for all intents and purposes is really just like using the ipod.


I love sitting outside, talking about music with friends and family and then pull up a song in seconds.  Perfect for our obese country.

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