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Why Mailchimp for Email Management

Tell me your not still using an excel spreadsheet to manage your email list?   Email Management has had an overhaul from a fax machine to a coffee induced, turbo powered e-monster, with the grace of a angelic swan, thanks to the wonders of Mailchimp!  This application is a godsend, here’s why.

My Favourite iPhone Apps: Remote

Aside from being passionate about all things digital and web, I’m a muso, and as such I love my music library.  I suppose as I muso I also have my reservations about using iTunes (poor quality, soulless shuffling) but I’ll overlook that for this app.

Social Media App – Hootsuite

You got Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, maybe a Facebook Fan Page,  how on earth do you have time to update and read all your social media sites?  Let me introduce you to the secret weapon, a little owl by the name of Hoosuite.