Sidebar custom menu active state

I have a client that needs to have a custom sidebar menu, with sub menu’s that show an active state if you are on that page. The challenge is they want to use the default wordpress custom menu’s so I needed to c

Here is a screen shot of what the sidebar menu looks like. Read more

Cathy Prastides – Actor

Cathy had a very clear direction for what she wanted on her website, and how she wanted it laid out.  As a result we were able to turn the site around in just a few days.  Featuring a full width banner, which Cathy can modify herself, social media plugins in the right hand nav, and a customisable homepage. The site is clean and stylish, and can be fully managed by Cathy.

Testimonial from Cathy:

“Thank you Dave for setting up my website so efficiently. I appreciate your fast turn-around, speedy replies, good value for money and friendly, helpful service. You have been a pleasure to work with.” – Cathy Prastides

Nicola Milan – Musician

Nicola Milan is a jazz musician from Perth, Western Australia.  She wanted a site that had a strong call to action, with key links in the banner, and a prominant email banner.  Aside from putting the website together we also did her visual identity and logo.  Classic, Parisian, Songstress.

Oh, and whilst Nicola thought she was a dummy when it came to websites…well she learnt how to manage hers in just an hour.

Check out her website, and buy some music –


Elwood Angling Club – Sports Club

Elwood Angling Club is a picturesque boat shed on the Elwood Foreshore.  But like any club, it’s not just about location, it’s the members and their history that makes it truly special.

Elwood Angling Club wanted something simple, because let’s face it they would rather be fishing than updating websites.  So to make life simple we put in a wordpress backend, gave them a fresh design, and taught one of their whipper snappers to update it.

The most enjoyable part of building this site, was sitting up in their hall, overlooking Elwood Beach, scanning in photo’s from the turn of the century.

It’s goose bumps stuff.

Transfit – Fitness

Transfit is a fitness business focused on people in a transitional space.  As this was a brand new business, part of my work with the boss Colin Perkovic was to help him clearly articulate his mission, vision, values, and core offering.  Using WordPress again, we built a website that reflects his brand, with the flexibility to grow as his business does.

Wize Therapy – Health and Fitness

Wize Therapy specialises in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology for children and adolescents in Perth, WA.  The team had an old website that was simply outdated.  Using WordPress we built a fresh new site for them, with feature banner panels, and of course the ability for them to update themselves.

Julius Lutero – Musician

Julius is a cool cat from the lovely beaches of WA.  With a website that he already liked, Julius approached us to build him something that you could update himself.  We installed Youtube plugins, flickr plugins and Gigspress, which means he can post content once and watch it fill up his site, saving him more than 30 hours a week*

*stats are not really accurate…but were used to exaggerate a point.

Jenny Biddle – Musician

Jenny is a singer/songwriter originally from NSW and now in sunny Melbourne.  She rocks, and now so does her website. Using Flickr plugins, Gigpress for her gig listings, embedding youtube video’s with ease, and with a pop up music player Jenny is ready to take down the Australian Imposters…I mean Idols.

Dave from Florence Road has done a terrific website for my music page. Dave was super efficient to work with. Not only did he complete my website in a few days, he was very generous with his time and skills as he trained me up so I could make my own updates to my website in the future. He’s a great communicator, easy to work with, and a very capable web designer. I’m stoked with the quality of my website, how affordable it has been, and how quickly he got things up and running. Thankyou Dave.