What are Twitter Hashtags?

hasgOne of the coolest functions of Twitter is the hashtag.  Given how noisy this Twitter pub can be, it’s nice to be able to find a quiet corner and sit with some like minded folks.   Hashtag’s allow people to do just that, allowing people to categorise their Tweets for people to listen and contribute to.

Helping you find interesting Tweets

  • Think of each hashtag as a discussion forum.
  • Anybody can set up a new hashtag…all you have to do is add a hashtag to your tweet.
  • Then when people see your tweet they can click on the hashtag and see what everyone else is saying.

It’s worth checking what your hashtag is prior to setting it up, because if somebody is already really active on it, your little group might get lost.

Potential Uses

It’s brilliant for events.  If you run events I highly recommend making a Twitter hashtag and then displaying this hashtag around the venue with it’s live feed.  People can then see what everyone else is saying about the event.

Again it’s one of those things.  You have to try it in order to understand it.

So here are a couple of my favs

  • #socialmelb which is a social media group in Melbourne that meet once per week.
  • #afl I use this to get the latest in the AFL news
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