Why Mailchimp for Email Management

freddieTell me your not still using an excel spreadsheet to manage your email list?   Email Management has had an overhaul from a fax machine to a coffee induced, turbo powered e-monster, with the grace of a angelic swan, thanks to the wonders of Mailchimp!  This application is a godsend, here’s why.

When you are searching for an email management tool you probably have a list of requirements.  Here are the top requirements that come to mind for me, and why I think Mailchimp ROCKS.  It’s all this and a lot more.

1) Design and update awesome looking HTML emails

Mailchimp comes with some great looking default templates that your average Joe can probably easily manage.  Once you have a template set up, it’s easy to update, just like using wordpress if you are familiar with that.

If you would like a template set up, we can do one for you quite cheaply, as well as teach you how to update each newsletter.

2) Personalise emails with various merge fields

features_sendWhatever mailmerge features you import, you can simply add to your email.  At the very basic that means, you can personalise each email to each person, but you can also do a lot more.  For instance for my music, I have each person assigned to a city, so I only send emails to cities where I’m going to be playing.  The possibilities are endless.

3) Importing and Managing your Database

features_buildYou can import an excel spreadsheet without having to get the consent of each and every member of your mailing list. Once you have your database set up, you can then put sign up forms on your website and people can automatically subscribe. Those that are already in your database can easily update their details without you having to do a thing.  And if they grow tired of you, yep they can unsubscribe no strings attached.

And yep if they are signed up to a social media site like Facebook, well then you can even see their face!

4) Stats, stats and more stats

I’ve worked with on some series email applications in my time, and this one blows them away with stats.  You can see who opened your emails, it gives each person a rating in your database, it provides a visual click map, as well as all the standard click through’s, opens etc. See video for more.

5) Publish Blogs and watch them go!

I publish my blogs to this website and then set it so that every month, my mailing list receives the latest blogs.  Nobody has unlimited time, and this allows me to write more juicy content and let Mailchimp get on with distributing it.

6) How Much

Mailchimp is free for up to 1000 subscribers which is beyond most people’s mailing list.  If yours is bigger than this you can upgrade for $10 a month which is a bargain.


What are you waiting for.  If you want to integrate Mailchimp into your websites then please get in touch with me, and I can walk you through it, add sign up forms to your website, and customise an email template for you.


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