Flickr Galleries

For those that have the Flickr Gallery Plugin installed, this video shows you how you can pull photo’s into your website using shortcode. Read more

Team Chopper – Mark Burgess

“Florence Road are to Websites like Elvis was to Rock and Roll. The KING.”

Today my business has grown beyond imagination, a hobby that has became a second career, largely due to the Website that FR created for me. If anyone needs any further evidence of FR’s brilliance they can contact me via my site

Let me take this opportunity to sincerely thank Florence Road for the success they have brought to my business.

Death of A Myspace Profile

myspaceStop hanging on to your myspace profile because it’s doing you no good, and I suspect has NEVER done anything for you. It’s time, let me read the cold hard facts, and then you can watch me kill my myspace profile.

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How to Tag People in Facebook

Facebook Icon Cool SquareYour all over Facebook right?  Did you know you can tag people in your status updates in the same way you tag people in your photo’s?  It’s very simple, but is often an overlooked time saving feature.

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Why Mailchimp for Email Management

freddieTell me your not still using an excel spreadsheet to manage your email list?   Email Management has had an overhaul from a fax machine to a coffee induced, turbo powered e-monster, with the grace of a angelic swan, thanks to the wonders of Mailchimp!  This application is a godsend, here’s why.

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My Favourite iPhone Apps: Remote

mzi_ewscemrnAside from being passionate about all things digital and web, I’m a muso, and as such I love my music library.  I suppose as I muso I also have my reservations about using iTunes (poor quality, soulless shuffling) but I’ll overlook that for this app. Read more

Social Media App – Hootsuite

hootsuite-sYou got Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, maybe a Facebook Fan Page,  how on earth do you have time to update and read all your social media sites?  Let me introduce you to the secret weapon, a little owl by the name of HoosuiteRead more

Searching within a site

GoogleThe search options for some sites is pretty lame, which sucks when your looking within a big site.

Did you know you can use Google to search within the site?

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Narrowing your search

Google192 Million results might sound like too many.  Have you tried narrowing down your search results by using inverted commas?

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