Should You Start a Facebook Page?

facebook2_1665007cFacebook is a monster, and in the US it has even surpassed Google in terms of traffic.  There are 500 million users, and 50% of them login every single day.  So should your business get in on the act?  Read more

Nicola Milan – Musician

Nicola Milan is a jazz musician from Perth, Western Australia.  She wanted a site that had a strong call to action, with key links in the banner, and a prominant email banner.  Aside from putting the website together we also did her visual identity and logo.  Classic, Parisian, Songstress.

Oh, and whilst Nicola thought she was a dummy when it came to websites…well she learnt how to manage hers in just an hour.

Check out her website, and buy some music –


Facebook Fan Pages – Welcome Gate

Facebook Icon Cool SquareHave you noticed on some people’s Facebook fan pages that they have a landing page?  A page that acts like a gate for those that are not yet fans.  Facebook has just announced that the code that enables this pages is to change….which is big news!

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To Tweet or Not To Tweet

tweetBy now you’ve well and truely heard about Twitter, and you’ve probably asked yourself this question, should we Tweet or not?  Let’s discuss what it means to Tweet, how long it typically takes, and what you can expect from it.

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What are Twitter Hashtags?

hasgOne of the coolest functions of Twitter is the hashtag.  Given how noisy this Twitter pub can be, it’s nice to be able to find a quiet corner and sit with some like minded folks.   Hashtag’s allow people to do just that, allowing people to categorise their Tweets for people to listen and contribute to.

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