Upgrading WordPress to 3.1.1

3121411094_7e9a12cf72What’s inside the box? A common question I get, is whether you should click that link at the top of the page that says – WordPress 3.1.1 is available! Please update now.  DON’T CLICK IT!

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Linked In Ads

LinkedInPay per click is the new king of relevant advertising, and Linked In provides one of the most targeted advertising capabilities in the market.  Not only can you filter on country, and state, but company size, industry, and wait for it…even a SPECIFIC company!  Let’s take a look.

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Georgi Kay – Musician

North Street Productions

Clients: What Do You Want To Learn?

6a0120a4e032ad970b0120a64fb0e4970b-320piIt’s been a fantastic year for Florence Road, with just about all clients coming on board via word of mouth!  Thanks you lovely people!  Ensuring we don’t outgrow our little community, I wanted to check in with you and see if there was anything with your website, your email, or your promotion that you are needing help with?  Read more

What percentage of your visits are on a mobile?

mobile_internetEveryone has a smart phone these days, so naturally the percentage of website views on a mobile phone is going to increase. So what percentage are we talking? Should you consider a mobile theme for your website? Do you avoid flash given an iphone/ipad doesn’t render flash? Read more