Embed Facebook Photo Albums In WordPress

I’ve just  tested a fantastic plugin which enables you to embed your Facebook photo album’s into any post or page in WordPress.  This is HUGE news for time people, who run a fan page and need to post to multiple locations.  Read more

Google Updates SEO Algorithm

This video is the best explanation of the recent changes Google has made to their search algorithm that I’ve come across. SEO is such a mis-understood area, and in the past has been plagued by industry sharks. Watch the video, and get posting relevant content to your websites! Read more

Social is Simple

So Google is launching Google + and you’re probably thinking…how on earth do I keep up with all this? Oh don’t worry, I feel the pressure to keep up, especially when everyone is asking  ‘Dave how do I use Google + with my website!’   Short answer, is no idea, because I haven’t got an invite yet. I’m not as cool as I once was. Read more