Announcing Amazon S3 back up on all hosting accounts

Florence Road is pleased to announce that Amazon S3 back up will added to all hosted accounts that are on WP Engine’s infrastructure.  This additional layer of security and back up will have no additional cost to our customers.  

3 x Back Ups in World Class Facilities

Florence Road’s hosting plans, via WP Engine, already provides daily backups of all site files and uploads, to WP Engine’s data centre in Central America.   In the past we had backed up all sites to our local machines, and to the office based server, which is then backed up to Google Drive.   This required some manual processing.

With the help of WP Engine we are now able to automatically back up all data to Amazon’s Data Centre in Singapore (no Australia yet).   No more manual processing.

From today we will have 3 copies of your website hosted in world class facilities:

1) Live on WP Engine

2) Back up in Amazon’s EC2 facility in Central America

3) 2nd Back up in Amazon’s Singapore Data Centre

Of course we hope to never require the need to access the data centre in Singapore, but it’s reassuring to know that we now have 3 copies of the data in world class facilities.

Our WordPress Managed Host

Last year we announced that we would be changing our hosting partner from Crazy Domains to WP Engine.  WP Engine is a dedicated wordpress host, providing daily back ups, super quick load times, full security and updates.  With our enterprise plan, we are able to pass on significant cost savings to host your WordPress website.   With one click access, we can update all our sites, as well as ensure we have a daily back up should anything happen to the site.   Some of our clients still have their website hosted with Florence Road on Crazy Domain servers.  We have been in touch with the majority of you and if you have not already done so, we highly recommend moving your site to our WP Engine plans, which start at $120 per year.

Cheap Hosting vs Florence Road WordPress Managed Hosting

Many cheap hosting companies do not provide back up of websites at all, instead relying on you to back it up.  Most people do not understand how to back up a website and we can count numerous stories of people losing their entire website.

With our hosting plans we can safely say that we have 3 copies of your website which can be restored in 1 click, vs manual upload.

Additional Cost for S3 Back up?

At this stage we are not going to charge any additional money for this service.  We will monitor the cost of having this back up facility and may revisit the funding model in the future, but at this stage we are offering this back up at no additional cost.

Moving your site to Florence Road Hosting

If your website is hosted with a cheap hosting provider, and you are running WordPress, we highly recommend moving your website to a more secure, dedicated, managed service.  Wordpress requires regular updates for the plugins, core files and themes, and the majority of cheap hosting providers do not provide such services.  This renders your website vulnerable to hackers.

Florence Road can move your website from it’s current location to our dedicated hosting service for a small fee.   Get in touch to learn more.


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