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One of the interesting updates to the new io6 software, is the removal of Google maps for Apple’s new mapping software.  My first thought was how on earth Apple would close the gap on Google considering it’s already comprehensive business directory.  I can’t possibly comprehend that the answer is going to be Yelp.With google maps using its own Google places, now Google + pages for business, and the Yellow Pages to fill its business directory listings, I was shocked to learn that the answer is Yelp! Yelp, is a large, primarily US focused business directory, which has a fairly low profile in Australia.

Is Apple really going to go to market with only Yelp in it’s corner?  Surely not…

Aside from the usual teething problems, all reports suggests the new io6 mapping software performs graphic rendering rather well, but is absolutely horrible at finding anything.  Considering Google maps, which has been in market now since 2007, has built a considerable database of businesses, it’s a rather massive hole for Apple to fill.   With Google’s search algorithms, finding the businesses, regardless of typos has always been rather simple, which is another criticism direct at Apple’s new software.

So apparently as a business owner it’s imperative you jump on Yelp to fill in your business profile.

But how many small business owners are actually going to do this?

Once the dust settles I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple strikes up a deal with Yellow Pages as well.  Maybe that big defunct yellow book by your doorstep is more important than we thought.

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