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One of my favorite WordPress themes is Enfold theme, you can change your theme fonts in your General Styling settings.  Although it’s a little tricky to see what the fonts look like unless you update your theme.  This Google Fonts link will help!

Sidebar custom menu active state

I have a client that needs to have a custom sidebar menu, with sub menu’s that show an active state if you are on that page. The challenge is they want to use the default wordpress custom menu’s so I needed to c Here is a screen shot of what the sidebar menu looks like.

Update to WordPress 3.5.2 in Progress

For those hosting with Florence Road we’ve updated most of the sites to WordPress 3. 5.2 over the weekend.  As part of our managed WordPress hosting service this is executed as part of your hosting package. The official line from WordPress is that this update fixes a number of important security loopholes.  See below. This […]