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Bandcamp helps artists sell their music and merchandise directly to their fans.  There are a number of similiar offerings but their are compelling reasons why Bandcamp stands out above the rest is.  Here’s the summary.

1) Sell music at full high definition quality.

Unlike iTunes which sells you low quality recordings, Bandcamp’s unique point of difference is that it insists you upload Lossless or WAV quality files, and allows the consumer to decide what format they would like.

2) Sell Physical CD’s and Merchandise

It’s not just a digital distribution tool, Bandcamp also lets you see physical CD’s and merchandise from your own branded store.  You can even sell a physical CD, and offer the digital downloads, so they can listen to their purchase until the CD arrives.

3) Offer free downloads in return for email addresses

Bandcamp allows you to do little promotions, so you can offer up individual tracks, EP’s or Album’s and offer it for free in return for an email address.

4) Charge what ever you like

It’s your music so you should be able to charge what ever you like – take note iTunes.   You can set a price, even let the consumer pick a price.  You can even set a minimum and allow people to pay anything above that minimum.

5) Embeddable Music Player that is fast loading.

There are plenty of embeddable music players out there, but what we like about Bandcamp is it’s fast to load, so when the listener clicks…it plays.  There are also clearly marked share links, and buy buttons.

6) Automated Payment and Processing.

Lastly we really like the automatic payment and processing when the account is linked to a PayPal account.  Everything is set and forget, unless of course you have to physically send a CD or T-Shirt.

7) Minimal Cost

The fee structure for Bandcamp is only 15% on sales, or 10% once you reach $5k in revenue.  I think that’s exceptional considering all goodies mentioned above.

8) Download Codes

Last but not least, Bandcamp even lets you assign special download codes for tracks or CD’s.  We’ve mail merged them in the past using Mailchimp, to reward people for being a subscriber.  You can print them on cards and give them away at gigs.

We think Bandcamp is brilliant. Sure you still need to be on itunes, but for a direct to fan model, this is unbeatable.

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