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SEO Explained – What are backlinks?

SEO is a mysterious beast, and in an effort to simplify the key elements of SEO we’ll be posting a series of posts on the basics of organic search.  We don’t pretend to be SEO experts, so these posts are a combination of our experience, research and common sense.   Let’s start with backlinks, what they […]

open in a new window

When links should open a new tab or window

A common request we get is to have links open in a new tab or window.  I want to be really clear on this because from a user standpoint, I cannot stress the importance of when it’s ok to open a new tab or window, and when it’s not. The simple answer is: – Open a […]

Speed Kills: How Load Times Affects Google Rankings

I don’t know about you but if a website loads painfully slowly I’m out of there.  And to make matters worse I’ll probably never visit that site again.  It’s not just your users who will punish you for a slow loading websites, Google will punish you by lowering your search rankings.  Yes, that’s right.  Google […]

Announcing Amazon S3 back up on all hosting accounts

Florence Road is pleased to announce that Amazon S3 back up will added to all hosted accounts that are on WP Engine’s infrastructure.  This additional layer of security and back up will have no additional cost to our customers.  

WordPress websites – Just like building a house

I have love grand designs, and I often relate the building of our wordpress websites back to building a house.  So let’s put on the project management hat for a minute and think about how your wordpress website is actually a home.

WordPress Website CMS Stats – WordPress is King

The most recent wordpress website CMS market share stats, show that it’s not just us that thinks wordpress is the ultimate cms for a website.  The stats are so one sided, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a pie chart for the tablet market in Australia. 

Does blogging help search? It’s simple with a wordpress website.

Google loves new relevant content, as such we always recommend to clients that they write a few blog posts to help them improve their search ranking.  But does blogging actually help search and is it difficult to blog with a wordpress website? 

What an engagement taught me about Twitter

Twitter, like other social networks before it, seems to be turning into a popularity contest.  It seems to be about how many followers you can get and how quickly.  The more followers you have the more influential you are right?  I’m off that idea.

WordPress Website Security – Minimise Potential Hacks

With malware up 140% in the past 2 years, and in recent months a number of our clients wordpress websites hacked, we took time to explore why wordpress websites are hacked, and what measures we can employ to maximise wordpress security.