Track any URL with a – realtime analytics wow

I used a long time ago to track my internal newsletter sends, but it’s been a while since I’ve had the need to use as Google Analytics, Mailchimp and Facebook have typically been enough data for me.  Recently, I was helping out on a Facebook Page custom tab, and one of their requirements is how many clicks they get on each of the links.  Enter

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Twitter Analysis – Sentiment Split on Schwab sacking

I read with interest this morning the article by Caroline Wilson suggesting that Melbourne CEO Cameron Schwab was sacked because the club supporters were divided about his role within the club.   I wondered how Melbourne Football Club came to this conclusion.  Was it old fashioned letters, phone calls, emails and text messages, or did they utilise the power of social media to determine his popularity? Read more

Speed Kills: How Load Times Affects Google Rankings

I don’t know about you but if a website loads painfully slowly I’m out of there.  And to make matters worse I’ll probably never visit that site again.  It’s not just your users who will punish you for a slow loading websites, Google will punish you by lowering your search rankings.  Yes, that’s right.  Google uses page load times in their search rankings. Read more

WordPress Website CMS Stats – WordPress is King

The most recent wordpress website CMS market share stats, show that it’s not just us that thinks wordpress is the ultimate cms for a website.  The stats are so one sided, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a pie chart for the tablet market in Australia.  Read more

Optimum Length for Online Content

Attention spans online are much shorter than in face to face communication.  So if you are creating digital content for online audiences such as podcasts or videos, then what is the optimum length to keep your audience engaged?

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Global Social Media Check-Up 2012

I recently stumbled on this presentation, and as someone who has worked corporately for one of the ‘most mentioned brands in social media in 2012’ I think back to when social media was ‘something we should think about’ vs now it’s ‘something that must be done’. Read more

Cloudflare Security and Analytics

I recently moved our hosting, and a number of clients hosting over to WP Engine, but what I didn’t expect was a fairly significant drop in visits to our site to the tune of 25%. What I didn’t realise was that this was in fact a blessing in disguise! Read more

Chrome is the new browser king

Ask any web developer and they’ll tell you how much they despise Internet Explorer 5, 6, 7, 8, so today’s news that Chrome has overtaken IE as the most popular browser is very welcome! Read more

Social Media Stats for Musicians/Bands

Ever wondered how each of your social profiles is performing?  How many Facebook Fans,  Twitter followers, Youtube plays,  Last FM or Reverbnation profile views did you have in the last few weeks?  Enter Next Big Sound, which allows you to quickly add social media profiles, and have it graph various metrics in an instant. Read more