All Time Top 5 WordPress Plugins

One of the best things about wordpress websites are the ability to add plugins to your website, which essentially is just like adding apps to your phone.  We thought we’d compile our top 5 wordpress plugins that we rely on for nearly every single wordpress website that we build. Read more

Adding a thumbnail pic to your WordPress Website

Many of you might notice with WordPress websites, that you have an opportunity to display a picture of yourself as a little thumbnail.  This is typically displayed in the comments and about sections (after a post) and in wordpress terms is called an gravatar or avatar.  This post explains how you can upload one. Read more

WordPress Plugins – Pop Up Window, Help or Hinderance?

I was recently asked by 2 clients to install a wordpress plugin that could enable a pop up window and I agreed, all be it kicking and screaming.  But now, having installed a pop up with the help of a wordpress plugin, I’m actually really liking it.  So I thought I’d share what plugin to use, and how to use it effectively, without being annoying! Read more

JQuery Count Down Timer

We’ve just deployed our very first countdown timer on the Port Fairy Folk Festival Website.  Many thanks to Keith Wood for posting such a brilliant tutorial.  For those technical and willing to give it a shot head over to Keith’s website. His tutorial is one of the easiest to follow that we came across.

Show past gigs and import multiple gigs using Gigpress

Most of the sites we’ve built we’ve installed Gigpress, which is a great way for muso’s to post their shows.  By default we have installed the short code to pull in your new shows, but you can also display old shows. Read more

Embed Facebook Photo Albums In WordPress

I’ve just  tested a fantastic plugin which enables you to embed your Facebook photo album’s into any post or page in WordPress.  This is HUGE news for time people, who run a fan page and need to post to multiple locations.  Read more

Lead Capture and Restricting Content

How do you restrict content to only those that have logged in or registered?  WordPress comes with a restricted access feature however it has some major flaws.  I’ve found a number of plugins, both paid and unpaid,  however having played around with a number of them, there is one that works really well. But it would be silly of me to let you view this without registering wouldn’t it!  Read more