Death of A Myspace Profile

myspaceStop hanging on to your myspace profile because it’s doing you no good, and I suspect has NEVER done anything for you. It’s time, let me read the cold hard facts, and then you can watch me kill my myspace profile.


1) Have you ever gained anything from Myspace except other bands posting irrelevant garbage on your page such as ‘hey I posted a new song’, or ‘I’m playing nowhere near you, you should come to my gig’.  Sure I’ve done it, but nobody came to the gig as result.  Toodle-oo.

2) They’ve changed the layout. Talk about moving the deck chairs on the Titanic.  People spent ages trying to beautify their profiles, and make them look like a normal website, only to have it stripped out.  The new interface is no better, just get a website of your own and kill your myspace. Ciao.

3) The music player is garbage. They had so much music but couldn’t work out how to become an online streaming service. WTF? Try Last FM for streaming,  Bandcamp for selling, Reverbnation for all sorts (I don’t do much on it), or for a visual and musical sensory overload or that site called Facebook or something.  Did they ever work out how to sell music from it? Using Tunecore I elected to have my songs available to buy on Myspace but they’re not.  Do I give a flying…Audios Myspace.

4) Shows don’t sync up anymore. I used artistdata to sync my shows, news, blogs to all my social media sites.  Since they’ve changed things around, Myspace doesn’t accept the feeds anymore.  You know what Myspace, I don’t care anymore.  Be gone.

5) If I get one more post from another idiot thanking me for adding them when I didn’t, asking me how my day is going, asking me to watch their video, or vote for them…then well…too late…my profile is going to get it.

6) They email you to tell you that you have a comment, but they don’t send it to you. They make you go their web page, LOGIN even though you asked them to remember you, only to find out that it’s the same as the comment above.  Die.

7) Seriously you don’t go to this page anyway, so why let your friends/fans go there? Check your Google Search results for you name.  Don’t just stop using, seriously kill it, so that your other sites,, facebook, and soundcloud recieve top billing. See ya.

I don’t need to give you 10 reasons.  You already know them.

Watch my ‘Death of a Myspace Profile’ Presentation below.

You’ll need to watch in full screen, just click the menu button in the bottom left corner.


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