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Great looking emails

I do fully designed emails, that represent your brand, and look slick.   They are tested with all major clients, like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and can be updated by anyone with basic computer skills.

Recommended Email Management Systems

I don’t do email management systems, but I can definately recommend one or two that are non paid (or very cheap), sync with your website, have the ability to be personalised, and have the most unbelievable stats system I think I’ve ever seen. Yes you might have gathered I’m biased toward one application in particular but once you try it on, you’ll be signing it’s praises too!  Talk to me.

No Coding Experience Required

If you decide to work with a few of my recommended email management systems, and you use my templates, then you’ll never have to pay a web designer to do your monthly emails.  Furthermore you won’t need to book yourself into night school to learn how to send them.  It’s simple.

A Few Email Tips Thrown In

If I’m designing your email, I might as well impart some knowledge as well.  I’ve been analysing email click through’s for years, for a major multinational, for my music, and for clients, and you know what works?  It’s mostly the obsecure, the interesting, the funny, the entertaining.  Sure you still need to get a serious note out, but why not include some icing on your cake, to ensure people not only open your emails, but look forward to them!

I Can’t Afford It Can I?

Oh please, of course you can, using some fantastic templates that I’ve developed over the years, I can customise a look that is genuinely yours, but is formatted in a style that your audience can relate to.   Sure it might be the same pizza base, but the topping is all yours.  This ensures quality control, and also ensures it doesn’t cost you the earth.   As a guide, my emails start at around $200.

If you are doing a website with me, I can drop this slightly as I’m of course already working with your design elements.