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Facebook Icon Cool SquareHave you noticed on some people’s Facebook fan pages that they have a landing page?  A page that acts like a gate for those that are not yet fans.  Facebook has just announced that the code that enables this pages is to change….which is big news!

Many of you are aware of how effective a fan ‘gate’ page can be to turn new visitors into fans.  Basically you can set the navigation so when somebody arrives at your page, that is not yet a fan, you can request they fan you, before you reveal the content of the page.

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So the good news is that this change in the coding that powers the ‘gate’ page is changing for the better.  Previously the welcome page was powered by an app called Static FBML.  Florence Road has custom made a number of these apps, but as of March 10, Facebook will no longer support the new creation of them, and will slowly turn them off.

iframes will be the new standard, which for the non-technical is the same format as the facebook fan pages that we place on websites.  It allows significantly more customisation.

Take a look at some of our facebook tabs

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