Facebook news feeds for business – It’s what my mum taught me.

Have a read of this PDF by Hubspot which explains everything you need to know about Facebook’s News Feed and how it impacts your business and your content strategy. I use Facebook nearly everyday but as a time poor Dad, employee, designer, and musician finding time to share relevant content is always such a difficult ask.  But for when I do, this serves a nice reminder to be interesting, to be creative, be timely, and dress nicely.

I’m sure that is what my Mum taught me anyway.

facebook news feed

But for those that want hard evidence, the key outtakes of this PDF, and how you can improve your own business Facebook page include:

  • The emergence and increased value of visual content in your status updates.  No real surprise here as Facebook tries to combat the rise of my personal favourite social media site Pinterest.
  • The importance of creating compelling content.  It doesn’t take a genius to work out that your content is more likely to appear in news feeds if people add weight to it, by liking and sharing, so share something interesting.
  • Why updating your cover photo to something that represents your brand is crucial given the cover photo is the new default shareable picture for your business (ouch we best do something about that!)

If you want to read it from the horses mouth you can download it here for free:

» Crash-Course-on-the-Facebook-News-Feed


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