Facebook tabs don’t work on a mobile – here’s a fix

Facebook tabs don’t work on a mobile.  This is a known issue, but by adding some parameters to the URL  you can force the Facebook iframe tab to load as though it’s in desktop mode.

The simple reason for this is facebook redirects people to m.facebook.

In other words what used to be:


Tries to render as:

https://m.facebook.com/yourpage/app_3242342342  which will give you a page 404 error.

There is a simple fix:

If you have control over the domain URL, you can change it to include the following:


Hope this helps someone.



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    • florenceroad
      florenceroad says:

      No worries Tim. It’s something that Facebook needs to fix because EVERYONE access via Mobile, so I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before it’s resolved.

      • Mehak Kaur
        Mehak Kaur says:

        Thank you ! I have been looking for this solution for really long now and this is really helpful. BUT how do I change the link of the tab directly on the fb page, the settings only allows to view the link and not change it.

        • florenceroad
          florenceroad says:

          hi. What I did was create a tiny.url which I can then use for tracking purposes. In others words your new URL (i.e tiny.cc/yourpromourl) would point to -https://facebook.com/yourpage/?sk=app_594933857206355&ref=ts instead of using the actual page url. So when someone shares this, either via the desktop or mobile, it will always render the best version and not the redirected mobile version.

  1. Hardik Makwana
    Hardik Makwana says:

    Has facebook blocked/stopped this workaround? I even tried tiny URL – mobile users got an error message!!


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