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Why pay $100 if it’s free? What we do!

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  • Populate your page with all relevant content

  • Optimise your page for search (not guarantee but optimise!)

  • Manage your authorisation with Google!

  • Provide you with advice to continually manage/improve your listing (or get us to do it for you)


What we don’t do!

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  • Long term contracts!

  • #1 guarantees! Nobody can, if they do run!

  • Rip you off.  It’s approximately 3 hours work so we charge accordingly!



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Alternatively please contact us to discuss your Google listing.

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Google Places dominates local search results

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Why do I already have a listing?

If you advertise in the Yellow Pages you will automatically have a listing in Google Places.  Unfortunately it looks like a run down old shop, with no relevant information or branding.  We’ll update that listing if it exists.

Does my business need a website? 

No. Google Places sort of looks like a mini website so you don’t necessarily need one.  However, it does make your business look more professional if you have a website, and you can link people straight to your website instead of your Google Places listing.  Drop us a line, we do websites.

What information do you need? 

Fairly simple stuff like business name, number, website (if you have it), operating hours, and a simple about us paragraph.  It would be even better if you can send us some photos or videos to include as well.

How long will it take?

We’ll have a 10 minute chat to you on the phone and gather the info that we need.  After this it takes 2-3 weeks to get authorisation from Google before your listing is live.

Can I do it myself?

Yes by all means.

Florence Road however can take the hassle out of updating your Google Places by:

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  • Claiming your listing
  • Submitting authorisation with Google
  • Updating your content
  • Designing your page

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Google doesn’t charge for Google Places listings.  We charge a flat fee of $100.  This includes:[unordered_list style=”star”]

  • 10 minute call to gather the necessary business information
  • Uploading of all content
  • Design of banner
  • Sending all information to Google to ensure official authorisation.

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