Google To Include Concert Listings in Search

I was interested to read over the weekend that Google is looking to include concert listings when a user searches for a band.  The update shows concert dates at nearby venues and links to sites offering tickets for sale for bands and artists. 

Google product manager Kavi Goel said in a blog post: “To me, music is best heard live, so it’s always exciting to find out that a band I love is coming to town.”

“If they aren’t touring near you, the new results for concerts won’t appear, but if the band happens to be coming to your town within the next few months, you can see the concert dates listed under the band’s official website.

Here’s a screen shot taken from the official blog which shows the relevant gig listed under the official website listing.

Get your gigs listed in Google Search.

So having done a little bit of research we’ve discovered how to gig your gig listings included in search results.

Do you want the good new or the bad news first?

Let’s get pessimistic first

The type of coding that Google requires is relatively new, and unfortunately our preferred Gig Listing application Gigpress does not offer it.  We’ve posted a note on their support to see if they can possibly code it in future.  Please feel free to head over there and give a ‘here here’.  If your interested in seeing just how nerd infested this is take a look at the recommendations.  It even scares us but we’re up for the challenge.

Some good news

We’ll be looking into how hard it might be to alter Gigpress ourselves to include this feature.  This is likely to be a late Friday night, so if and when we can pull this off (and assuming Gigpress don’t come through sooner) we’d love your support to donate a few dollars to our dedication.

This might be the equivalent of learning french in 3 months, but we’ll give it a shot.