Gordy Marshall – Musician

Gordy is a world famous drummer and a really nice guy to boot.  Well not that we would kick him, but I think you get what we mean. Some of the projects he has played on just simply amazes us, and so it was pretty important his website was fairly amazing as well.  The centre piece of playdrumswithgordymarshall.com was his  fantastic video lessons, more than 20 of them, all hosted on youtube but needing attention on his site.  He also has a significant following with his blogs so this also needed to be a feature of the site.  Lastly his logo was a little old school, so we freshened that up as well, with something kind of classic older generation, yet still edgy.

– A video section that allows Gordy to place his vid’s up front.
– A featured blog section for his adoring fans
– Highly visual graphics
– Flickr gallery
– Clear social media linkages
– Gigspress plugin for managing his tour dates
– Footer that features, an email subscribe function, latest pics and tour dates.

We managed the hosting, the set up and even educating Gordy to update it via Skype.

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