Adding a thumbnail pic to your WordPress Website

Many of you might notice with WordPress websites, that you have an opportunity to display a picture of yourself as a little thumbnail.  This is typically displayed in the comments and about sections (after a post) and in wordpress terms is called an gravatar or avatar.  This post explains how you can upload one.

There are two options to uploading your gravatar / avatar and both are relatively simple.

It’s always good to upload a picture of yourself as it provides your blog / website with a bit of personality.  It always feels unfinished to have that grey box staring back at you.

For wordpress the easiest way to upload a picture is to go to this site –  It will take a few days but will then automatically pull through to your site, and others, by associating your picture with your email address.  Make sure you obviously then use the same email address that you login to your wordpress website with, on the gravatar site.

Secondly, and this is probably just as easier, or perhaps you might do both, is to upload a plugin.  The beauty of the plugin is you can use profile pics from the likes of Twitter, which has quite wide spread adoption.   Users of a site can basically click to view their profile and then upload a pic, or use Twitter, via your dashboard.  It’s only stored locally on your particular website.

One of the plugins we looked at was –

To add this plugin just go to your plugins section of your dashboard and search for the plugin.  You can then upload it that way without having to access FTP. n.b for those on WP Engine, please leave a comment on this post and we’ll upload this plugin to the dashboard for you.

Of course their are other options like overriding the existing comment box with a comments plugin like Disqus which lets you login via Facebook, Google or Twitter to make your comments.  This then automatically pulls your picture in and also pings those networks.  We’ll go into that in a future blog post.





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