Helping Mum and Dad learn online

If you are like me, you’ve probably started getting the invetiable ‘how do I’ questions from your folks.  I’ve put together some top tips and a great website to help get your folks off your back. 

I recently asked my mum (I hope she doesn’t read this!) to send some emails for me to some prospective clients.  When I asked her if she checked the link before she sent the email she said, yes on every single email.  Which alerted me to the fact she had TYPED OUT EVERY SINGLE EMAIL!

Mum I said ‘why didn’t you just cut and paste’ the email?    

To which she replied ‘I don’t know how to cut and paste’.  

Holy smoke Batman no wonder our parents get frustrated with computers!

So I put my thinking cap on and came up with a military plan to drill in the basics of computing to avoid the ‘how to questions’.

1) Spend 1 hour per week at a set time teaching them the basics.  This will hopefully prevent them from asking a question each hour for the next week.

2) In that first session teach them and how anything that possibly comes into their heads is most likely online somewhere.

3) Tell them to look up the local council to see if there is a basic computer course around.

Lastly, jump onto this website   It’s hilarious, but also highly practical.

And remember, if all else fails, and they keep asking questions just tell them that you are not a mac person.  Alternatively if they are on a PC tell them you are a mac person.

Good luck.


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