Can I buy my own hosting and not have managed support?

Yep knock yourself out.  Literally.  If you want a cheap option go for it, but be warned we are not liable if your site is hacked, nor will we have a copy of it should the host remove it.

Can I buy my own hosting and have Florence Road do the Managed WordPress Support?

Sure no problems.  We can do the Managed Support Service on any host.  Obviously we have different pricing for this, which is cheaper than the full hosting and support package.

Why should I buy my hosting through Florence Road and not direct?

You can buy direct if you like, but it’s going to cost you more.  We strike deals based on the volume we buy, and we work with only 2 companies so we can monitor their performance.

Can I manage the server myself with Florence Road Hosting?

No sorry.  We can’t afford for you to play with something and then break it.  The only access you will have will be to set up your emails.

Why do you host your email with Google?

Heard of Gmail?  Well Google are pretty good, ok let’s be honest, unbelievable at ensuring email is secure and delivered without hassle.  Using Google Apps for Business, we will set you up so that you can add up to 10 email addresses for free, using your domain name.  i.e

Why not use the web hosts email options, they have unlimited?

Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam.  If you want to improve your performance in bed, or perhaps help out a foreign guy who has the problem of having too much money and needs a local bank account to put it in, then go for it.  If not then I’d say we are pretty safe with Google.