How to Upload Videos from iPhone to Youtube

Can you use the WordPress iPhone app to upload a video, or is there another way to upload video’s direct from your phone and get them onto your self hosted website? Here’s how.

I was met with a dilemma yesterday as I tried to get a video that I had just shot up to my self hosted WordPress website.

The WordPress iPhone app which is great for making quick posts, and uploading a couple of pictures, has a video upload feature built in, however when I tried to upload my video, I got major compatibility issue when trying to watch it via my laptop.

First I tried Internet Explorer, which didn’t work.  Then I tried Firefox, and all I got was a big grey box with a sad face.

Having done some research it turns out that neither of these browsers are compatible with the format that the video is being coded with.  Not really an adequate solution considering the majority of folks use these two browsers. I tried installing a plugin, which was supposed to resolve the problem, however this didn’t work.

It’s fairly important to remember that the video is being uploaded in it’s raw format, which means the more videos I upload, the more storage I’ll need.

I then figured maybe it’s better if I upload the video into Youtube first?

You would think you go to the Youtube app to upload video’s to Youtube right?  Wrong.

So here is how to do it.

1.  Open your photo/video library, and click on the arrow in the bottom left corner.

2. Click on Send to Youtube.

3. Sign into your Youtube account, if you haven’t already, and enter your video details.  They’ll make you enter in all fields.

4. When your done click publish.  Don’t be surprised to the see the following once it asks you to view it online.

5. Now if you have Auto Tube Video Plugin installed, which most of my clients do, then it will automatically publish the video from Youtube into WordPress.

It’s simply a matter for waiting for it to come through, usually takes an hour.

6. Last but not least, if you have Word Social installed then it will automatically publish it to Facebook.  So don’t forget to give it a decent title.

Hopefully you find that useful.

Credit: AskDaveTaylor for the images in this post