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LinkedInPay per click is the new king of relevant advertising, and Linked In provides one of the most targeted advertising capabilities in the market.  Not only can you filter on country, and state, but company size, industry, and wait for it…even a SPECIFIC company!  Let’s take a look.

Let’s start with basics first.  Essentially there are 2 main types of advertising on the web, pay per click and pay per impression.  For a business, the way I explain it is, would you rather pay each time somebody walks into your shop, or simply walks past on the street?

So the key to pay per click then is of course targeting your approach so that you are only paying for relevant clicks.  This is where Linked In simply amazes me in terms of how targeted you can get.

Target by Location/Geography

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Select Company Size or Industry Vertical

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Target by Company!

This really blows me away.  You can even target ads to companies.  Here is a client of mine, Blue Networks.  I can specifically target ads at them (not that I would as I talk to them already!)

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Target by Job Title

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Target by more methods than you probably need!

So you get the drift.  I’m currently running some trial campaigns to see how successful it is, but I highly encourage you to give Linked In advertising a go.  Get in touch with me to discuss how we can manage your Google Paid Search in conjunction with Linked In advertising or even Facebook.

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