Learn how to offer a free download and capture information with WordPress and Gravity forms without people leaving your site!

Setting up a lead capture process is not difficult.  There are a few pieces of software out there that are charging monthly retainer fees to capture leads when WordPress and Gravity Forms can do it for you.  It’s very simple to set up a free download process, but what about giving them an offer of some sort as well.

Tools Required:

– WordPress

– Gravity Forms ($39 personal plan, $99 Business* Recommended)


– WordPress Download Manager:  Keep a record of how many downloads you have.  You will know this anyway by using Gravity Forms as you will be getting leads, but this helps you keep track as to whether you might need to provide non-shareable secure links.

– Gravity Forms add on for Mailchimp:  Takes your leads an can automatically move them over to Mailchimp for further nurturing.