Reduce WordPress Comment Spam

As the world’s leading CMS, and as a native blogging platform, WordPress attracts quiet a bit of spam.  To minimise the amount of comment spam you get we recommend the following top 5 ways of reducing spam on your wordpress powered website.

1. Askimet

Asimet is typically found in all WordPress sites as a standard plugin.  Akismet uses a unique algorithm combined with a community-created database to “learn” which comments are comment spam and which are legitimate. For our clients we’ll typically turn it on for you and put in our API key but if we haven’t, or if your not one of clients, getting an API key is simple and free.  To enable Akismet, go to the Plugins panel and activate the Plugin. You will be prompted to get an API key from which you should be able to follow with ease.

2. Turn your comments off after 30 days

We recommend you go to settings and then to discussion, and look for field that allows you to turn off commenting after 14 days.  If you have a particular post that is generating a lot of geniune comments you can override this setting, but typically for old posts, you just leave yourself open to more spam by leaving commenting on.

3. Restrict comments to registered users

Make your users sign or register with your site before they can make a comment.  Again this is found in settings then discussion.
If you are looking for more detailed analysis check this post out

4. Comment Blacklist

If you are getting fairly consistent spam comments, you can blacklist certain words on the discussion settings page.

5. Move your DNS to Cloudflare

This one isn’t that simple, and would be something that we would probably need to do for you, but we highly recommend Cloudflare for DNS hosting.  They have some excellent spam filters which blog a lot of spammers from even getting to your site.  Here’s an article we wrote recently about their offering > Cloudfare and Analyics

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