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freddieNot enough hours in a day but you’ve got some things to say?  Are you making newsletters, or blogging, or posting news, but spending yonks on sending it out by email? Maybe your not sending email at all?  Here’s an automated system you’re going to love!

I have a crush on Mailchimp.  It’s an email program that I’ve been using for 2-3 years.  I’ve recommended it to everyone that I have worked with, and personally having seen and researched just about every email management system on this planet, I can safely say that Mailchimp is the better than sliced bread.  What’s so good about it?


  • People can subscribe, unsubscribe and update their profile without you doing a thing
  • You can send personal emails – i.e Dear Dave
  • Stats, stats and more stats…you can even see who has opened and clicked your email!

But what I wanted to tell you about in this post was an AWESOME feature called RSS to EMAIL sends.

Firstly what on earth is RSS?

If you don’t care then skip this next para!

I explain RSS as a radio signal that emits from your website with the latest content that’s been posted.  It stands for Real Simple Syndication however some have suggested other names.   People can use RSS readers to subscribe to content on your site, or you can use RSS to push the latest content to other sites like Facebook etc.

RSS to Email is basically taking your latest posts (news) and putting them into an email.

Let’s take my email outs for instance.   I’ve set an RSS to Email send on the 10th of every month.   Mailchimp will grab my latest posts, automatically put it into an email design that I have customised, and push it out to my audience.  You might be reading this post as a result of these email outs!

So if your producing email newsletters, or pdf’s newsletters, why not post each article to your website, and then let mailchimp send it out?   The only thing you will need to do is to get a designer like me to make an email template for you, add your database, schedule when you want to send, and then get posting!

If you don’t receive my emails, here is a snapshot of what they look like:

Octob HTML Preview _ MailChimp

Interested in finding out how you can set this up for your business?  Talk to me.


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