Should You Start a Facebook Page?

facebook2_1665007cFacebook is a monster, and in the US it has even surpassed Google in terms of traffic.  There are 500 million users, and 50% of them login every single day.  So should your business get in on the act?  There are statistics (see reference) stating that more than 80% of businesses are on Facebook.  I’m going to assume this is US based.

What the statistics don’t tell you is, what are these businesses doing?  Simply being on Facebook doesn’t relate to actively engaging on facebook.

We should remember that Facebook is first and foremost a social network for people to connect with friends and share pics, links, thoughts, and comments.   With the introduction of pages, and the maturity of users, we’ve seen it shift slightly from pure entertainment to educational.  With the ability to ‘like’ pages you can incorporate a ‘pages’ feed into your friends updates.

So the answer is YES, you should be on Facebook, but you must consider how you are going to engage.

Here are few handy hints:

1) Start a facebook business/fan page, not a personal page.  First of all, fan pages allow people to quickly ‘like you’ which doesn’t require your permission.  Second of all, your friends and your business is different.  Don’t stretch your relationship with your friends by bombarding them with your business.

1) Give people a reason to like you.  Can you offer them something in return for being ‘liked’.  Musicians can offer free downloads, what can your business offer?

2) Be creative with your updates.  You are just 1 of 20 updates on the page, how are you going to ensure yours stands out?  Use humour, imagery, video’s, comps and questions, to keep people intrigued.  DO NOT SIMPLY post content directly from your website!

3) Keep it regular.  Don’t over post or people will switch you off, but don’t be the shy kid in the corner or for the same reason you’ll get banished.  Think up some regular posts like key quotes, blog posts, or feature your clients.

Plenty of food for thought there.  And yes we will practice what we preach and start our facebook page in the coming weeks.  Hope people like us.

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