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I have a client that needs to have a custom sidebar menu, with sub menu’s that show an active state if you are on that page. The challenge is they want to use the default wordpress custom menu’s so I needed to c

Here is a screen shot of what the sidebar menu looks like.



Basically the code to change this is to find your post ID and the menu id number, and then in your custom.css file put in a coloured menu item for that page.

The easiest way to find your Post / Page ID is use Firebug (Firefox add on).  You can open the page up and check the URL string as it will be in there, but with Firebug you can see both the Page ID and the Menu Item that you need to colour.

Here’s the screen shot below of what it looks like:

1) I have highlighted in blue the menu item number which in this case is menu-item-158

2) I have highlighted the page ID which is page-item-48

3) You then add your code into your custom.css file as per mine below using the code .page-id-48 .menu-item-158 a



That’s the best way I can think of doing it for now.  Ideally I’d live to have ‘active state’ so it automatically highlights if current_page_item

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