Social is Simple

So Google is launching Google + and you’re probably thinking…how on earth do I keep up with all this? Oh don’t worry, I feel the pressure to keep up, especially when everyone is asking  ‘Dave how do I use Google + with my website!’   Short answer, is no idea, because I haven’t got an invite yet. I’m not as cool as I once was.

But with all this Social talk sometimes it’s good to take a step back and add some simplicity to the social world. So here’s my attempt to simply everything.

Twitter: I am hungry. I should eat.
Facebook: I ate a hamburger.
Foursquare: I’m at McDonalds, and have become the mayor.
Youtube: Watch me eat a hamburger.
LinkedIn: I have a lot of experience eating hamburgers.
Myspace: I can eat hamburgers and dance at the same time. But nobody cares.
Google+: Let’s gather in a circle and discuss hamburgers.