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hootsuite-sYou got Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, maybe a Facebook Fan Page,  how on earth do you have time to update and read all your social media sites?  Let me introduce you to the secret weapon, a little owl by the name of Hoosuite

Our brain is a pretty complex cat, but with so much information flying around these days, if your head is like mine, then it’s in hyper filter mode.

Like most people, I have  a facebook account, a Facebook Fan Page (for my music), a Linked In Profile, a Twitter acount for my music, and a Twitter account for my work and only 24 hours in a day.


Hootsuite, is a social media application that let’s you manage all your networks, on your phone and your laptop.  And yes it’s free.  [/hidepost]

Here’s a brief overview:

A dashboard with the lot!thumb_themes

Hootsuite’s main page is a sleek looking dashboard, where you can click on each of your social media profiles and view as though you have just navigated to that page.

You can customise your view in more ways than well…I have time to write about.

Tickbox Posting to Multiple Accounts

thumb_networksWhen Twitter first came on the scene, everyone synced their Twitter and Facebook status updates.  The social etique for Twitter and Facebook is very different as such more often than not you need to seperate them.

With Hootsuite you can pick with a tick of a button which networks you want to update.  Lovely.

Would you like a mobile version with that?

thumb_mobileLike all good applications these days, you need one for your phone.  The best things about Hootsuite is if you do an update to the application on the computer, then it will sync with your phone seemlessly.

I don’t use my Facebook App, or my Linked In app anymore, just Hootsuite.

Schedule Updates

thumb_scheduleIf your that much of a guru that schedule your updates you probably don’t need me to tell you about this app.

Sometimes I just get on a role, and I don’t want to annoy my followers, so I space my updates by a few hours each.

I like to be polite…ok?

I’m a stats man…

thumb_analyticsSocial media stats are so hit and miss I think.  Hootsuite does it nicely by tracking important things like mentions and clicks.  It’s also tells you which tweets were popular so you can learn from the crap one’s.

If you upgrade it links with Facebook Insights and Google Analytics.

Off you go then.  Go find your own Owl.

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