Social Media Stats for Musicians/Bands

Ever wondered how each of your social profiles is performing?  How many Facebook Fans,  Twitter followers, Youtube plays,  Last FM or Reverbnation profile views did you have in the last few weeks?  Enter Next Big Sound, which allows you to quickly add social media profiles, and have it graph various metrics in an instant.

How does it work?

When you arrive at the homepage you can quickly add an artist.  If the artists details have already been entered you can see stats straight away.  If your new, then you just add your profile URL’s and you’re away.  Here’s a snapshot of one of the artists we’ve worked with – Georgi Kay.  In this graph we are looking at new fans. The toggle options include:

  • new fans
  • plays
  • views
  • and comments – which tends to take a few days to gather if you’ve never checked this before.

The above gives you a summary of just one artist on various networks.  How about comparing yourself against a benchmark.  Easy, just enter that artists name against your own (assuming their profiles are listed) and you’re away.

For a bit fun, let’s have a look at Katy Perry v Lady Gaga v Justin Bieber – comparing new fans.

Toggling plays and views showed a completely different picture.  Katy Perry was very high for plays, but low for views, which is the opposite for Lady Gaga.  Wondering what she is wearing now? You can draw you’re own conclusions on that one.

Next Big Sound will also allow you to subscribe to your stats, so that on a regular basis you can have your stats emailed to you.  Here’s the email for my music profile…(and be nice, I’ve been busy writing not socialising…)

So using this, along with Google Analytics is a great tool to see how your social efforts are progressing.  Sure some bugs exist, but it’s the best statistical summary we’ve come across.  The only thing we think is missing is:

Happy data mining.

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